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The Best Games for Kids in Wheelchair


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Looking for ways to keep kids in wheelchairs entertained and active in a group setting? Look no further! From Hot Potato to Treasure Hunt, we've got 5 exciting group games that will bring the fun to any playdate or party. These games are not only entertaining, but also help kids build social skills, hand-eye coordination, and teamwork. So, get ready for some active play and join us on this adventure!

Hot Potato

Prepare your kids for a competitive battle with "Hot Potato"! This timeless game is sure to have your blood pumping and your fingers twitching (literally). During this musical chairs-inspired activity, participants pass a ball or other object in a circle as music is played. The person carrying the object exits the game when the music stops. until there is just one player left, repeat. Players can either pass the item with their hands or toss it gently to one another to make this game wheelchair accessible.

Red Light, Green Light

“Mugunghwa kkoci pieot seumnida (무궁화 꽃 이 피었 습니다)”... We bet almost everyone knows this particular command from the well-known Korean drama series known as "Squid Game"! Similar to the one we see in the series, this game also uses the same rule. As the "traffic light" in this game, one person stands apart from the other players. Wheelchair-bound players advance in the direction of the traffic light as it yells out "green light." The players must stop whenever the traffic light signals "red light." A player must start over if they move when the light is red. A player wins if they get at the stop sign first.

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Wheelchair Basketball

Here's a little trivia for you: Do you know that the basketballer Michael Jordan has a long history with wheelchair basketball? With a group of pals when he was younger, Jordan frequently participated in the game along with a friend whom was in a wheelchair. Really, this proves that the sport can also be played by wheelchair-bound children! Use a larger, easier-to-grasp ball and have players shoot from their wheelchairs to alter traditional basketball. This is a terrific game for youngsters to play both inside and outside to exercise and improve their hand-eye coordination.

Simon Says

"Simon says 우리는 real vibe killer (killer, killer, killer)"... Hold up, we're not talking about NCT127. We're talking about the actual game over here! This classic game kicks off with one of the children being appointed as "Simon". The designated Simon player directs the other players, saying things such, "Simon says touch your toes." Simon only commands the players to do something when he says, "Simon says." If the player did something which did not include the word "Simon Says", the child will be eliminated until there's only one winner. Commands can be changed so that they can be used while seated in order to make this game wheelchair accessible.

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Treasure Hunt

Ahoy matey! Let's go on a treasure hunt together. In order to follow clues, crack puzzles, and find hidden treasures, players will need to employ both their problem-solving abilities and instincts. This game is actually way better if it is done in groups, because this will install a sense of teamwork among the members. Please make sure that the items hidden as well as areas are accessible for wheelchair-bound kids beforehand, so that these children can joyfully join in the game.


This article offers a thorough overview of five team games that are enjoyable and easily accessible for children in wheelchairs. Kids can play these activities to get physical exercise, develop their social skills, and have a good time with their friends. So why are you still waiting? Try one of these games out during their playdates or special celebrations and see how much fun your kids have!

Here at, we recognize how critical it is to provide wheelchair-bound children with the tools they require to take part in team sports and other physical activities. Thus, we provide high-quality wheelchairs that are user-friendly and comfortable to sit in as part of our wheelchair rental service. Are you prepared to witness your child flourish via physical activities and social interaction? Wait no further, and contact us now!



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